10 Professional Image Editing Companies in USA

With how common high-spec smartphones are becoming, you can see more and more people getting into taking photos. But everyone is looking for the perfect shot, so the need for editing services is also becoming common.

But when you are looking for the best image editing companies in USA in 2024, you will have a problem. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options available everywhere. So how can you find the best one? Easy, read this article.

After researching and comparing hundreds of image editing companies in the USA, we narrowed the list to just ten. So here are the best image editing companies in USA in 2024.

Clipping Path Finder

Clipping Path Finder

Website: clippingpathfinder.com

One of the best image editing companies in USA for 2024 is Clipping Path Finder. They’re a popular image cut out service provider known for impressing everyone with professional-level services. 

Since 2005, they’ve been providing high-quality image services in the USA and worldwide. Their mission is to help businesses and individuals enhance their visual content with various services.

With over 200 expert image editors, Clipping Path Finder ensures top-notch image editing services. They have dedicated teams for various image manipulation techniques, including professional clipping path services

What’s unique is that they offer different background removal services based on your needs.

If you’re unsure about their work quality, reach out to them. They’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. 

Plus, you can get a free trial by uploading up to 10 photos and specifying your desired service. They’re available 24/7, so contact them and get a quote today.



Website: fixthephoto.com

Fixthephoto, a company dedicated to enhancing your photos, has been perfecting images since 2003. They are renowned as one of the best image editing companies in USA. They prioritize 100% client satisfaction by delivering top-notch image editing at affordable prices.

Specializing in image cutout services, Fixthephoto offers two main levels: basic and additional services. Both are budget-friendly, often with discounts. Recently, they’ve expanded to include video editing in their offerings.

Opt for the additional services package for enhancements like shadows and retouching on top of the image cutout service. Fixthephoto’s team of skilled editors is committed to providing high-quality results to clients worldwide.



Website: ephotovn.com

ePhotoVN stands out as a highly dependable online photo editing service. It’s perfect for those seeking fast and tidy photo edits. Like many other services, they specialize in beauty, portraits, jewelry, and product retouching.

The company maintains stringent quality standards and allows users to ask for adjustments to the edits. Pricing for their photo services ranges from less than $1 to $8, depending on the type of edit required. 

Notably, all their photo services are delivered within 24 hours, making it an ideal choice for quick turnarounds in a hurry.

Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path

Website: offshoreclipping.com

Consider Offshore Clipping Path for a comprehensive photo editing service. It’s an excellent choice for online brands, agencies, and small businesses aiming for a professional and polished presentation of their product shots. 

True to their name, Offshore Clipping Path excels at clipping paths, swiftly removing elements from the background to meet your branding requirements. 

With a basic plan starting at about $1.5 for 100 images, users can also benefit from bulk discounts for larger orders. Explore Offshore Clipping Path for an all-encompassing solution to your photo editing needs.

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Website: fixipixi.com

Enter FixiPixi, another of the best image editing companies in USA, retouching, and ghost mannequin services. This all-in-one platform is tailor-made for brands and online retailers seeking comprehensive solutions.

FixiPixi sets itself apart with a speedy delivery time of just 12 hours, a notable advantage compared to other services. 

Additionally, they offer free revisions, ensuring you get the utmost value for your money. For a swift and reliable photo editing experience, FixiPixi is a one-stop shop worth considering.

Wedding Retouching

Wedding Retouching

Website: wedding-retouching.com

Is the wedding season stressful? Try Wedding Retouching for quick and easy photo editing. They can change colors, touch up naturally, and remove unwanted details as you like. 

Ask them to edit in your style, perfect for a relaxed editing process during the busy season. Wedding Retouching takes the stress out of photo editing.



Website: picsera.com

Since 2014, Picsera has been a go-to for quality image editing. They focus on cutouts and background removal, offering five pricing levels and custom options. Clients can quickly upload, request services, and download edited images using their easy portal. While Picsera doesn’t give discounts or free trials, their top-notch quality makes them reliable for image editing solutions.



Website: photorelive.com

Photorelive’s image cutout service is a game-changer for easy photo enhancement. With Basic and Basic Extra packages, effortlessly remove backgrounds for a polished look. 

Perfect for business product photos or eye-catching personal visuals, Photorelive ensures precision and quality. The Basic package covers essential cutout needs for a clean result. 

The Basic Extra package enhances the service even further with that extra touch. Upgrade your photos with Photorelive’s simple and effective image cutout service.



Website: shootpro24.com

Shootpro24 is one of the most renowned image editing companies in the USA. They have been delivering exceptional results since 2011. While focused on local and national projects, they have also garnered attention from international clients.

Specializing in what they term “clipping path service” or image cutout, Shootpro24 stands out for its outstanding quality. However, quality comes at a price, and their services are not the most budget-friendly. 

The pricing is often based on the time spent on the job, meaning more intricate work may incur additional costs. Despite the higher price, Shootpro24 remains a top choice for those seeking premium image editing services.

Orbit Graphics

Orbit Graphics

Website: orbitgraphics.com

In Manhattan since 2010, Orbit Graphics has been great at handling many image cutout jobs. They have 100 editors working all the time, locally and as freelancers. Besides cutting out images, they retouch and fix up photos, too.

Suitable for big or small businesses, Orbit Graphics stands out for managing large projects well. Prices start with a 15% discount for 200 images and go up to a 40% discount for 5000 images. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple or a tricky image cutout job. Orbit Graphics is a solid choice for businesses wanting good quality without breaking the bank.

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Each of your top choices for the best image editing companies in USA in 2024 is picked only after they prove themselves. We tested and compared each of them with dozens of other companies to make sure they were just that good.

These companies provide a wide range of editing services. You can get clipping paths to retouching; with them, you won’t have trouble getting those perfect photos you were looking for. They also provide competitive pricing, so there is no need to go breaking the piggybank.


What are the average costs for professional image editing services?

The costs vary based on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements. Generally, reputable companies offer transparent pricing models.

How can image editing enhance e-commerce businesses?

Image editing can improve product visuals, leading to increased engagement and sales. High-quality images create a positive impression among online shoppers.

Are there any problems with outsourcing image editing?

While rare, potential risks include miscommunication and data security concerns. Choosing the best image editing company with a proven track record mitigates such risks.

Can image editing companies handle bulk editing projects?

Many image editing companies specialize in handling bulk projects. They do so efficiently, ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality.

What sets top image editing companies apart from the competition?

Top companies distinguish themselves through a combination of services. From skilled professionals, a range of services, and a track record of delivering amazing results.

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