How To Photograph Jewelry: Jewelry Photography Tips (2024)

Depending on how you photograph jewelry, it can make or break your business. There are a million videos and articles on how to photograph jewelry, but not all of them talk about it properly. But not us!

In this article, we will break down the steps to photograph your jewelry properly for success. We will guide you on taking jewelry pictures with your camera and your phone so you can pick the best guide for yourself.

Also, we will share a few tips to ensure you get the best pictures and some common mistakes you might make. 

How To Photograph Jewelry on Camera?

Capturing stunning photos of your jewelry with a camera is more accessible than you may imagine. Here’s a simple guide on how to photograph jewelry to make your pieces shine in pictures:

  1. Choose a Good Camera: Start with a good resolution camera. This will ensure your jewelry looks clear and detailed.
  2. Find Good Lighting: Look for natural light or use studio lights. Well-diffused light helps avoid harsh shadows on your jewelry.
  3. Set Up a Clean Space: Arrange your jewelry in a clutter-free space. A clean background lets your jewelry take center stage.
  4. Play with Backgrounds: Experiment with different backgrounds. Neutral ones work well but try textures or materials for variety.
  5. Learn Composition Basics: Apply the rule of thirds. Place your jewelry in a way that’s visually appealing and balanced.
  6. Control Focus with Aperture: Adjust your camera’s aperture to control focus. Keep your jewelry sharp while blurring the background slightly.
  7. Use Macro Mode for Details: If your camera has a macro mode, use it for detailed shots. Capture the small, intricate features of your jewelry.
  8. Edit with Care: Use photo editing software with moderation. Enhance colors and lighting, but keep your jewelry looking authentic.
  9. Optimize for Online Platforms: Resize and compress your images for quick website loading. This ensures your photos look great online.

How To Photograph Jewelry with Phones?

Capturing fantastic jewelry photos with your phone is easy and convenient. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to photograph jewelry with just your smartphone:

  1. Pick a Good Phone: Start with a phone with a good camera. Higher resolution ensures clear and detailed photos.
  2. Use Natural Light: Use natural light for well-lit photos. Position your jewelry near a window or any natural light source.
  3. Clear Your Space: Ensure your shooting area is clutter-free. A clean background lets your jewelry stand out in the photo.
  4. Experiment with Phone Apps: Explore photo editing apps. Adjust contrast, saturation, and brightness to improve the overall quality of your photos.
  5. Tap to Focus: Most phones allow you to press on the screen to focus on specific areas. Use this feature to highlight the most important parts of your jewelry.
  6. Try Different Angles: Work in various angles to find the one that best showcases your jewelry. Capture close-ups to highlight details.
  7. Use Portrait Mode: If your phone has a portrait mode, use it to create a beautiful depth of field effect. This can make your jewelry stand out.
  8. Avoid Digital Zoom: Don’t use digital zoom; physically move closer to your jewelry. Digital zoom can reduce photo quality.
  9. Crop and Resize: After taking photos, use the phone’s editing tools to crop and resize images for optimal display on various online platforms.
  10. Experiment with Backgrounds: Test different backgrounds to add variety to your photos. Choose backgrounds that complement the style and color of your jewelry. Find the best Photo Background Remover Apps for Android.

Jewelry Photography Tips

Be a master of the art of jewelry photography with these expert tips. Decorate your images with optimal lighting, macro mode for intricate details, and dynamic compositions. Capture the essence of your jewelry with precision and flair. Let’s find the key things for jewelry photography:

Optimal Lighting is Key

Ensure your jewelry basks are in well-distributed light to highlight their brilliance—experiment with natural or diffused artificial light, removing harsh sunlight that can create unwanted reflections.

Macro Mode for Intricate Details

Macro Mode For Intricate Details

Activate your camera’s macro mode to showcase your jewelry’s small, intricate features. This allows for up-close shots that emphasize craftsmanship, utilizing a shallow depth of field for a pleasing background blur.

Experiment with Angles and Composition

Discover the best angles for your jewelry, and apply the rule of thirds to get a more balanced composition. Experiment with different arrangements to capture dynamic and visually engaging shots.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid

Overlooking Proper Cleaning

Before a photoshoot, thoroughly clean each piece to prevent dull and lackluster images. Fingerprints, smudges, or dust can distract you, so ensure your jewelry is spotless.

Ignoring Background Selection

The background is crucial. Avoid busy or cluttered backgrounds that detract from your jewelry. Opt for neutral tones or textures that complement the pieces.

Over-Editing Photos

Exercise caution with editing. Excessive alterations can compromise authenticity. Aim for a balance that enhances the jewelry’s beauty while maintaining a natural, realistic look. We recommend that you work with professional photo editors to add the perfect finishing touches.


There are many ways to photograph jewelry, but not all of them will give you the best results for your business. Depending on how good your jewelry looks on your website, you might or might not get a lot of traffic. 

With our guide on photographing jewelry on your camera or phone, you can be sure you are taking the best ones. Our guide was built with the help of professionals with years of experience, so there is no false information anywhere.

Follow our tips to ensure you improve their quality even more, and learn the mistakes others make so that you don’t.


Do I need a professional camera for jewelry photography?

While a professional camera is beneficial, you can achieve good results with high-end smartphones equipped with quality cameras.

How important is lighting in jewelry photography?

Lighting is vital; it can make or break your photos. Ensure well-diffused, natural, or studio lighting for optimal results.

What is the best background for jewelry photography?

Neutral backgrounds work well, but experiment with different textures and materials to find what compliments your jewelry.

Can I edit jewelry photos without losing authenticity?

Yes, subtle editing can enhance your images without compromising authenticity. The key is moderation.

Are outdoor shoots suitable for all types of jewelry?

While outdoor shoots can work well, certain pieces may benefit more from controlled studio environments.

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